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    I play volleyball, am on the prom committee and am in the school choir. I like to read. I love music. Uh, I'm a high school student. Yep, that's me.
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  1. Happy birthday Jebbrook!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. do you still get on?

  4. Jebbrook.

    What should I do?

    Find a youth group that is active in the community and just within itself. I spend countless hours planning and attending youth group activities. It's great to meet people that you can hang out with as well, and you'll know that they're Godly people who will be a good influence on you. To occupy maybe half an hour of your time, find a Bible reading plan and stick to it. I'm doing one with my boyfriend, and we talk about the day's reading every day. It's really brought us closer to each other and to God.
  5. Jebbrook.

    14-Year-Old Girl Sues Family To Stop Abortion

    This reminds me of the book My Sister' Keeper. /somewhat unrelated comment
  6. Jebbrook.


    I find that chewing gum keeps me from snacking when I'm not hungry. It also keeps my breath minty fresh
  7. Jebbrook.

    Friends with non-Christians?

    Somewhere in the New Testament Paul (I can't find it for the life of me) talks about being part of unbelievers and sinners in order to bring them to Christ. It's not bad to be friends with people who aren't Christians as long as you're being a Christlike example to them and trying to witness when you get the opportunity.
  8. Jebbrook.

    Infiltrating a High School

    1. That would probably be up to the individual administration of the schools, you'd have to talk to them and explain your "experiment." 2. Chances are the only periods you'll be able to not be in class is if you have a study hall. Most schools are very rigid in their scheduling. 3. Probably not. At least in my school, attendance is taken in each class, and they keep track. Leaving early without permission could garner a suspension, and coming in late without an excuse more than twice a semester will mean disciplinary action as well. Like I said, rigidity in scheduling. 4. You won't get in a lot of trouble, but students and teachers will definitely notice. Students are usually curious about new students, so they'll notice if you're not doing any work and probably get suspicious. If you really didn't want to do anything, you'd have to talk to the administration about it like I said earlier. It would help your camouflage to do the work, though. And who knows, you might actually learn something. If you have more specific questions about public schools and the politics/social aspect of them, feel free to PM me.
  9. Jebbrook.

    What's your BirthVerse?

    Psalm 9:1 I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. I like it
  10. Jebbrook.

    Prayer Before Studying

    While I don't particularly enjoy reciting prayers like this, I love the idea of praying before studying. We pray about everything else, why not let God help us learn as well?
  11. You said you want to have a conversation with God. Therein lies your answer. Start talking to God like He is sitting right next to you in the car. Talk to God like He's your best friend that you tell everything to. God is so incomprehensibly big, but He cares about every little thing you're doing and feeling. Don't rush into prayer with lots of big, formal, complicated words. God sees through that. All He wants is a conversation. In order to have a conversation though, you have to give Him time to talk, too. Sit in the silence and listen for God's still, small voice speaking to you. You'd be amazed what you can discover. Feel free to PM me with any other questions -Julia
  12. Jebbrook.

    What's your favourite verse in the Bible ??

    Isaiah 43:2 There's a stickied thread for this already, just so you know.
  13. Jebbrook.

    Wednesday-Night Services

    You're definitely not a bad Christian. Wednesday nights aren't some requirement for being the "perfect disciple" or anything like that. Your personal relationship with God is what matters most, regardless of when you attend church.
  14. Jebbrook.

    What book are you reading now?

    The Help! If a book is made into a movie I always read it before seeing the movie.