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  1. HopeCline


    So what I was said about blood covenants was taken out of context. Yes, not everyone today bleeds. A blood covenant was something that the Bible spoke about in the Old Testament and that carried over to the New Testament. Before you criticize something I would encourage that you study it first
  2. HopeCline

    Canon Rebel T1i

    I have a cannon T1i, the 15 megapixel. I adore it. But I went beyond the starter lens. I have a telephoto zoom lens and it is absolutely amazing. investing in a camera bag and a best buy protection plan is absolutely worth it and very necessary. I adore my camera. This is one I took in February at a conference with my zoom lens. Hope that helps
  3. HopeCline

    Any last words?

    "Ooops . . . "
  4. HopeCline


    I don't necessarily agree. Sex is an expression of oneness, which ultimately is a bi-product of love. On the wedding night of two virgins, blood is shed. It's a blood covenant. Blood covenants are eternally bonding. They show the oneness of two flesh. In becoming one flesh in God's eyes, you should put the other's interests above your own. It's like what Paul talks about when he speaks of treating your significant other like you would treat yourself. Love is the opposite of lust. Lust is self-fulfilling. Love is self-sacrificing. Becoming one flesh requires that you lay down your own desires. That's a lot of what marriage is about. Laying down yourself for the better of your other half. I think a lot of marriages fail because they don't realize what love is. Sex should be an expression of love. I'm not saying that it is all the time, but that's what is should be. Sex has been distorted in the world today. I'm convinced we need to take back what it should be and show what God looks like in our marriages
  5. So recently I have been so blown away by how big God is! (what an understatement btw) So I decided to try to put it in realistic terms for me . . . I live in Georgia. Specifically Fayette county. . . And I haven't done an exact math count on this one yet, but you could assume that fayette county is probably less than a twentieth of the state of Georgia. SO! I wanted to see how long it would take to walk fayette county. SO. Just say you can walk a mile in fifteen minutes. To walk fayette county it would take you 145,533 hours and 45 minutes OR 6,064 days OR a little more than 16 1/2 years. SO THEN! Put Georgia in comparison to the USA. The U.S. is about 9,161,923 KM or 5,692,955 MI. THEN! The U.S. in comparison to the earth. Our earth is roughly 197 Million SQ MI How big is our earth in comparison to our galaxy? The Milky Way is 100,000 light years. A light year is 5.87 trillion miles long. Our galaxy is one of the smallest galaxies we know of. In 2002 there were 3,000 visible galaxies. Other galaxies are 100 times more massive than ours. And there are billions we can't even see yet! Scientists were just saying the other day that the universe is constantly expanding!! They were saying that light keeps traveling and creating more space. The universe is quite possibly infinite! So billions + of galaxies with space in between that is constantly expanding and a God that must be a billion times bigger than our universe. WHOA. GOD IS GIANT. And that's an understatement. We are hardly microscopic in comparison to our galaxy. We aren't even ants to astronuats! We are not even ants at 5,000 feet in the air when we fly in an airplane! The fact that a God THAT BIG intimately cares about us. Think about the Bible. All it is: stories of God being personal with people. And He even wanted to get more personal! So He sent His own son in a body like we sinners have to DIE for us. The Shepherd and the Lamb. God and man. DIED for people who are not even microscopic. So he could be so personal with us EVERY day. That blows my mind. God rocks.
  6. HopeCline


    Confession. . . . I've had sex. I understand looks and touch are different than sex. I was saying that he can look at me and I'm pleased. And yes. that's in relation to sex.
  7. HopeCline


    I completely disagree. TBH, I feel sorry for guys who have to learn to please their wives. My goodness, my man looks at me and I am pleased. His hand touches mine . . . . oh sweet Jesus. yeah. I need to end here.
  8. You know what makes that chart amazing? I took a college course last year on religions. So I know intimate details concerning each of them. Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard. I'm sending it to the teacher. . .
  9. HopeCline


    ITS ME! ITS ME! Lol. YAY! I hope it's me. . . That would be epically unfun.
  10. HopeCline

    A question for Calvinists

    I can't tell you much about Calvinism, aside from the fact that I feel like John Calvin was taken out of context. Same with Lutherans and other denominations. As a Bible college student, I don't claim to know everything, but I do know a little. I have a degree that says so haha, I hope I know at least a little! The Bible says in Romans 8:29 that God "foreknew" therefore He predestined. . . . We miss out on some of the key words before He says predestined. Like "foreknew". Look it up in the Greek. It basically means what it says. He knew beforehand. Then the word "therefore" And finally you come to predestined. Basically because God knew the choices you were going to make, He set it in place. You can't make a U-turn and go back in time. So why did God create man? For His good pleasure. Just like with the angels. God had given them free will so they had the choice to serve Him or not. They were on a probationary period and some of them failed. I think its kind of a mirror of us. Nothing bad comes from God. The Bible says so. Why would I want someone who had to love me to love me? That's where the phrase blood is thicker than water comes from. In the Bible there is a crimson thread tied throughout, the blood covenant. When you are born, youre born of water. The "same" water from your mother with your brothers. You have a "water" relationship. When you make a blood covenant however it's completely your choice from love. God did that with us with His son Jesus. We have a choice to join and partake in that or not (probationary period). Basically, God didn't create evil. He created free will. He knew we were going to mess up, but that's better than robots. God wants every one of His creations in Heaven with Him. We're created in His image. Fathers are a picture of God to us, minus sin. So why would God create us if He knew we would sin? Because He still loves us anyway and wants us to make the choice to serve Him. He gave us that option. God rocks
  11. HopeCline


    There's that whole keep the marriage bed pure thing. but i really thing that pertained in a different context. Sex is intimate. It's a symbol of being one flesh, especially because the first time a blood covenant is made. Sex is pleasurable. God made it that way. But it shouldn't be done just for pleasure. So I believe the question is answered in the intent behind them. Therefore I answered "Neutral"
  12. HopeCline


    WHOA! This topic is classic now? I feel so honored. Confession: Tonight i hurt my best friend. It sucks. ILYB.
  13. HopeCline

    Picture Post

    This is a lame photo, but it's funnn!! I'm no longer a blonde baby!
  14. HopeCline

    For the Ladies..

    Don't wear one. What was the intent of what Paul was saying? Who was he speaking to? etc.