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  1. Brekat

    Hitting the Reset Button

    Where is my someday, Zach? I've been waiting 6.5 years and I'm honestly a little angry. I've been ever-so-kindly reminded of your birthday by livejournal 7 times now, but no word from you. I don't make good friends that easily and I thought we were solid. But you didn't just step away for a few months or hold me at arm's length, you just murdered your online self and our friendship. You blocked me everywhere instead of just having a conversation with me about needing to connect with your physical life and leave your online life behind for a while. I thought we were real friends, but I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on graduating college, or getting your first real job, or getting married, or having a baby. You never visited Seattle like you said you were going to. Did you know I married a man with a degree in Journalism? Nope, because you just up and left. Maybe I could have forgotten about you, but every time I get that stupid birthday email or see a comment of yours in my Facebook memories I feel shame, anger, and loss. Your kind thoughts from eons ago just look like garbage now. #thisshouldhavebeenintheconfessionsthread #doesthatstillevenexist? #oldasheck
  2. Oh dear, I'm replying a bit late.

    I deactivated my Fb account, because it was an incessant itch, figuratively speaking. I never went to Australia, that was just a misunderstanding. :) I'm living in Cape Town now. I have a room with my very own balcony, absolutely perfect for smooching in the moonlight. Not that I do that but yeah. I want to know what you are doing. PM me immediately, do not leave the building before you have sent me a message. Do not leave your computer/phone/ipad/typewriter before you send the message. Send a message now. Not later but actually now, within the next 1 minute of you life. Make it 3 minutes, to give you time to type out all the details. <3

  3. Hey baby. I remember you. Y u no fb me anymore? Don't marry Katie. Marry me. D=

    Also, you were in Aussieland?

  4. Breanna, hi! Do you remember me? :o

  5. Also, you should log in. Or add me. Or something. You're not showing up on teh Skype. In case you were unaware of that.

  6. As in, the school year or graduated?

  7. Its the same skype. I get done with school three days ago.

  8. Sad things? :( Like what? Do you still have Skype, perchance? And when are you done with school?

  9. Sad things right now. Otherwise, school and trying to find a job.

  10. Troll. Some things don't change. :P But tell me, what's new in Bryceland?

  11. I knew you were going to say that. Don't ask me how.