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    Jaelian as defined by urbandictionary (and Faith XD):

    A were-goat creature that is usually completely oblivious to what is happening around it. Tends to be shy, and is scared easily.

    Jaelians are adorable creatures, though rarely seen. Goats flock to Jaelians because of their close relation. Jaelians watch out for, and protect their goat tribe.

    They hate goat tacos.

    And they obsess over the impending zombie apocalypse.
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    That one place. With the unicorns. And the talking pears. Yeah.
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    MUSHROOMS. >:] jk Urm...writing and reading. 'nuff said.
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    Mooching off teh parents. ^-^
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  1. Oh my gosh XD I don't have new updates besides I've checked out the website and read about at the moment, looks very sweet. :) I need to call sometime this week XD I was super busy today though. Soon!