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  1. I think I remember you

  2. We didn't exchange email addresses, but we could! Gmail tends to be nice because one can not only email but also chat in little boxes with it.

  3. Eye'm cytil youzing jeemale, butt eye doughn't ofen eemale peepel, beecowz thear reeli izn't much four me two sai. At the mowment eye doughn't hav such a grate leyef. Did we evir exchanj eemale adresez thow? We culd hav filasofical discushinz abowt serius ishoows...

  4. Waht about the jeemale.

  5. Yes, phaisebuke was way to extreme, I couldn't handle the pressure. But I am still on the internet :naughty:

  6. You have removed yourself from the fasebook.

  7. Hamlet

    Picture Post

    SD:FLSDF:LKSEOISNDZ:ODSOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  8. your nietzsche quote reminds me of dawes' "when my time comes"

  9. yeah Asheville is crazy awesome. I really enjoyed it there. :D

  10. ah, I heard there's a bunch of cool alternative people up in Asheville. i've been back and forth between my parents house and a couple other places, i'm moving out again in a month - we'll see how that goes

  11. Oh nice...I've been moving in and out of my parents' house, been in Asheville, doing lots of random crazy stuff haha

  12. Working a lot. Moving soon. Going through all my things. What have you been up to lately?

  13. what's up! what've you been up to?

  14. Oh, hi! How goes it?