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  1. We didn't exchange email addresses, but we could! Gmail tends to be nice because one can not only email but also chat in little boxes with it.

  2. Waht about the jeemale.

  3. You have removed yourself from the fasebook.

  4. Hamlet

    Picture Post

    SD:FLSDF:LKSEOISNDZ:ODSOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  5. yeah Asheville is crazy awesome. I really enjoyed it there. :D

  6. Oh nice...I've been moving in and out of my parents' house, been in Asheville, doing lots of random crazy stuff haha

  7. what's up! what've you been up to?

  8. A real concussion indeed. The point of a point is to make yourself feel better, which is pointless if you don't want to, but quite pointful if you do~

    I spent the past three days at the beach, so excuse *my* late reply...enjoy your journey o friend, and I shall converse with you soon!

  9. Hamlet

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    tralala~ ham says here i am how do you guys like that closet, hmm hmm?
  10. Brian! How are you? (:

  11. A rundown you say?

    Let's see...I've moved out of my parents' home, which is quite freeing. I thoroughly enjoy not having to deal with them. I currently have a fairly unpleasant but not unbearable concussion... I spent a year locked in my house then another year in college...I missed you! :P why do we not exchange gmails or facebooks or any other mode of communication so that we may thoroughly catch up.

    I find your pointless rambles quite delectable. Perhaps the point of it all is to make a point since there really isn't one. Or is that pointless? You tell me.

  12. Why helloooooooooo there ;3

    how've you been?

    gah too much catching up to do~

  13. Hamlet

    Happy Birthday swampfox

    Happy birthday Ben xD
  14. Hamlet

    I graduated today!

    That's beautiful Congratulations and I am quite happy for you.
  15. Hamlet

    Official CTF Ask Me... Thread

    The lovely Canadian Goose. If you could do anything right now, what would it be.
  16. Hamlet

    and so it begins.

  17. Hamlet


    You are the most vastly frustrating, infuriating, and preposterously trying person I know. And also my favorite.
  18. Willllllll~!

  19. Hamlet

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    I'm bluuuue. From the fall~
  20. Out west? Where?!

  21. I was going through some of my old threads and realized that I made a Happy Birthday thread for Max Power two years ago. Now I've returned and--lo and behold!--it is his birthday yet again. Happy Birthday Max! Have a delicious, delightful day.