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  1. I'm trying to live my life as pure as I can, which is a real battle for me and I used to talk to one of my friends about this extensively and he was on by side but his views have changed in recent years (he is set on marrying this girl). I know they are active, even though he doesn't talk to me about it anymore, and it honestly breaks my heart (for lack of a better phrase). Has anyone else ever felt this way, like you just sink? I know this isn't my business and I've tried to talk to him about it before but he doesn't want anything to change. It is honestly hard having serious conversations with him because I know our views differ so much. I try to block out the facts and just keep our conversations casual but its hard. Anyone ever had a similar situation / felt this way?
  2. Crimson Truth

    How to gain mass?

    I'm in the same boat. I've started to go to the gym M-F and I'm trying to eat 5 decently sized meals per day. I eat at 9, 11, 3, 7, and 10. I did this back in high school but gave up after a couple weeks, so I started it back up this week and I'm honestly already sick of eating. I think there are a lot of people that don't understand how hard it is to eat excessive amounts but if you set time aside and plan meals, you can do it. I'm going to avoid weighing myself for the first 2 weeks just so I don't get discouraged but I'm excited to hopefully see some progress. Start by trying to get 5 meals in, each 500 calories and then move up from there. You would be surprised how east it is to rack up to 500 calories. One last tip: drink plenty of milk, that is an automatic 150-200 calories plus a 8-12g of protein.
  3. So an old friend of mine that I used to be really close to, started going to my college. We've been hanging out frequently and I know he values our friendship - to an extent - but I'm starting to get annoyed. Basically, say we're watching a show or a movie together, he is always on his phone texting his girlfriend. I've talked to him a couple times about getting off his phone and he just replies saying that we're not on a date or that it doesn't matter if he's on his phone because we're just watching something. Honestly the main reason this bugs me is because no mater who it is, guy or girl, I feel like especially when it's 1 on 1 that you shouldn't be constantly checking your phone / texting it just seems disrespectful. On top of this he'll ask me whats going on in the show/movie and it just gets old... like basically I'm asking myself 'do you want to hang out with me or not?' I think this has gotten a little bit better since we talked but I've realized that even though he is obsessed about keeping up with his phone, my messages somehow get lost and half the time I won't get a response. It's not a big deal because its nothing urgent but it gets old when anytime we talk the conversation just stops 3 or 4 messages in because he won't respond. I figure, if you're bad at texting, that's totally cool... but if you are going to text when we're hanging out, at least text back when we're not, right? I know most people are going to just say I should talk to him about it, etc, but I feel like I've said everything I can.. I need some pointers. Sometimes I'm bad at expressing how I feel especially when its with another guy just because I feel weak and sometimes I feel like I'm just acting like a girl (metaphorically). Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Thanks y'all and sorry it's long...
  4. This is a fairly general question for really any type of relationship. I have people that I trust but when I have something I need to tell them I usually run it through my head a dozen times and right when I'm about to say it I find a reason not to like someone else walks up or a new topic is started etc. Sometimes I can stop and just force myself to say it but usually I hold it in too long and let the moment pass. How do you 'say what you need to say' to someone? Do you ever struggle with this even though you may trust the person you are talking to? This is just a discussion, I guess I'm just bored and have a lot on my mind.
  5. Crimson Truth

    Lust Problem Help Please

    Irrelevant. As mentioned before, the spectrum swings wide here on CTF from the mix of various religious beliefs and the denial some people face. As others have mentioned, keep yourself occupied. Don't get on the computer and casually check Facebook/Twitter until you bore yourself to death and have nothing else to do. Go to a common area in your house when you are bored and keep yourself focused. Take up a new TV show, video game, crank up positive music, make plans on the weekends, or exercise. One tactic I used was I realized it tended to happen when was exhausted. Usually sometime between 1 and 4 am. To fix this I started going to bed early - sometime around midnight - and waking up earlier to both guarantee that I am tired that night as well as have some focus time. I'm in college and so it may be different for you with high school or what not. You seem to be making some really good steps, you're fearless! Keep fighting man, I know it's rough.
  6. Crimson Truth

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    Okay, I can respect that differentiation... even though I don't see it any more sexual in theory. I'm not saying up in her bubble or stalking her but... it is legal to record anyone doing anything in a public place.
  7. I hope you decided to go.. but if not there is always next week, and the next, so on. I was shy and reluctant to go to youth group but I'm so glad I did - all the friends that I still keep up with are from my youth group and they all have been such a blessing. Not just spiritually, but socially as well. Retreats, mission trips, and small group really helped me get out of my bubble - something that we should all strive to do. If you went, how was it?!
  8. Crimson Truth

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    Slave of Elyon did a good job explaining what I was trying to get across - sorry I'm sometimes slow to respond That is exactly why I made this statement, to point out that I'm not say that it is sexual. To simplify what I was trying to say... and seeing how you don't favor nudism... do you see nudists as being sexual? Some families choose this as their lifestyle - is it sexual and if it is not sexual, then how does it differ? As Slave of Elyon was trying to point out, when you talk about 'rights' in a group setting, you have to keep in mind other people's rights as well. Do I have the right to not see public nudity? I sure do! This isn't simply a women's right issue, it affects everyone. Honestly I've never heard the term men's rights so I don't see your argument here. I believe in equality so remind me why some rights are only applicable to women and some to men? I thought we ditched that a while ago. Remember this: everything effects everyone thus 'Women's Rights' as a political tool. Just because it isn't sexual doesn't mean you should infringe on others' rights. Lastly... not sure if this was just your last attempt to find something wrong with my post or if this was a serious comment... I think you possibly read my post backwards or something because every rebuttal you have presented misses the mark is some way. I always assume I can read minds... and this tends to get me in trouble. Back on topic though, when do we draw the line? Can my wife breast feed me or is that inappropriate. Is it harassment if I sit and watch? How about catching a video recording? Seriously, just curious how you feel about this.
  9. Crimson Truth

    Heb 4:15-16

    Thanks for sharing, this makes a lot of sense. I really like that passage, I need to save it. Like you said, this definitely says a lot about the Christian faith and what we're all about. I got the NIV version so I figured I'd post it up as well. "15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.16 Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." -Hebrews 4:15-16
  10. Crimson Truth

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    Lets legalize nudism. It's a lifestyle, and we should have the right to do whatever the :dragon:we want to do. I think it's fairly obvious where I stand on this. Women's rights, or whatever you want to call it, is really just a sham for politics. There wasn't anything sexual about using the restroom but that has changed over the years. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a whole sector of porn on breast feeding. Sorry, but your 'opinion' doesn't have much of a standing in this regard. I remember at a store I used to work at a woman was breastfeeding her baby. This was only slightly awkward (she had the decency to cover up) but in a public area, if I had kids, I'm pretty sure I would be going in the opposite direction if she hadn't. Maybe in the car, or the bathroom, this doesn't mean you have to stay at home for 8 odd months (as some posters were suggesting) if you really don't want to cover it up. If you choose to breastfeed, that's just what you're going to have to do. There wasn't anything originally sexual about nudity but I believe that changed some time ago.. it had something to do with some special fruit - hmm, what was that again? [EDIT 1] Note: I never said public breast feeding nor breasts are 'gross' - however, there is nothing more sexual about nudity in general than straight up, in the open, breast feeding. I suppose everyone that is for public breastfeeding is also for nudism, etc? I'm not attacking nudism, people take up that life style and it doesn't effect me - that is how it should be. [EDIT 2] Using the restroom is neither sick nor perverse. We all do it - but we do it in the right places. Not in a bush in the middle of a busy park, or on the side of a building (Big Daddy). News flash: guy's pee on trees but it's illegal to in public areas: indecent exposure. Should all males fight for men's rights to use the bathroom where ever, whenever? It's natural, created by God, and simply the right thing to do! (for the record, I in no way think we should) I should stop editing this post and find something else to do! Looking forward to y'alls opinions thus far.
  11. Crimson Truth

    Circumcision and your son

    Please, enlighten us in the troubles with sex oh uncircumcised master. I don't think the foreskin so much has nerves as much as the foreskin protects the nerves already there. But I guess that's an irrelevant point. I guess not everyone believes in tradition. And that's totally cool! But why is it wrong for those who might? Also... I think my scrotum is fully intact, might want to research what circumcision is. Have you never read the bible? #judgement OP: I think what you've said here is really cool. I've thought about this as well and I guess I've just always figured my son would be circumcised. What I really like is how much thought you have put into this. You're obviously going to love your son and I think no matter what you decide to do will be right. Good luck man, this is a big step and I can't wait till it's my turn (ok maybe I can wait a bit)! You're gonna be a cool dad
  12. Crimson Truth

    I'd like some advice...

    Sounds like you're looking to start your own sorority?
  13. Crimson Truth

    Is premarital sex sinful?

    I think this is the truest comment yet. I'm baffled by the things that are debated now-a-days.
  14. Crimson Truth

    College Major Advice

    There are other degrees at UGA that work with disabled kids and psychology if you don't want to basically pull out a music degree simultaneously. Note: If you're worried about the course load, then good luck getting accepted. That thing is a lottery and if you can get in you'll have no problem doing well. Anyways, I think what helps is to picture yourself in 10 years working the respected job. Each has its own life style, its own hours. One may be a 9-5 making good money and another may be odd hours with weekends and really stressing to pay the bills. Life isn't about money and I am in no way out to get rich, but money is also a necessity. Do you want to work in a nail salon afternoons, nights, weekends? Do you want to start a family and spend time with your kids? I don't feel suited telling you which route is for you but this is a really big decision and honestly, if down the road you decide you still want to be a nail artist - I think they will accept any bachelors degree you have. Same for photography. Some people do really well in these fields but it's hard. You can still have hobbies and maybe even open your own business down the road but don't sell yourself short. Go big, forget about a little debt. It's nothing in the long run. Best of luck with your studies, I'm sure you can find a dozen really awesome degrees to choose from.
  15. Crimson Truth

    Staying on The Right Track

    I think what he said was beneficial to the conversation, although not the way he originally intended it. That is all.