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    College student.

    I'm a simple guy with complex thoughts.

    My faith is ever-evolving, but I've never truly waivered in my belief in God.

    Love Music, all kinds. Demon Hunter to Trance to Marvin Gaye to Lecrae to Bob Marley to The Black Keys and pretty much anything else you could think of.

    I really enjoy making other people's lives better in some way, whether helping them overcome some issue or just lending a timely smile to a stranger.

    I love Transcendentalism (Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman and such).

    Love being out in nature, whether a Sunday ride through the country, or riding dirt bikes and ATVs, or camping... I enjoy it all.

    Also, I really enjoy Martial Arts... You could say Bruce Lee is my idol lol
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    Calhoun, GA
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    Music, Basketball, Motocross, School, Psychology, Nature
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    Pharmacy Technician
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    Transcendentalist - Non Denominational - Pentecostal
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    C.J. Nesbitt

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