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    Tribute: A Hunger Games RPG

    Sylvie Sylvie stood and stretched, her long partially see-through sleeves fanning out behind her like butterfly wings. Most of the reapings were through now, and as she was working on numerous districts she had yet to feel attachment to any one person. She wandered over to a buffet table on the far right of the amphitheater, the feather light material of her gown fluttering behind her. Numerous Avox's Stood ready to serve but she simply took a sparkling glass of champagne which was a thick and glittery dark purple and began moving back to her previous seat, the stylists were chattering loudly and shrieking with joy Ideas pouring from their mouths as each of their tributes was chosen. Sylvie shook her head, artfully sculpted pale silvery pink curls bounced around her head and shoulders in response. Noticing Alexis chatting to one of the other designers she decided to go and greet him, as he was head designer for one of the districts she was working on she felt compelled to see if he had any design revelations for his Tributes. She danced through and around a few groups of stylists and prep teams with a lot more ease than would be expected of anyone wearing 6 inch heeled shoes, Sylvie exchanged offhand comments with a few people and she finally found herself standing next to the seated Alexus who was chatting to another designer.
  2. Katblossom

    Would anyone join a Hunger Games rpg?

    XD Im awkwardly waiting for the others to return.
  3. Katblossom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when i left, you were around!!!!!!!!!

    you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    how are you?

  4. Katblossom

    Would anyone join a Hunger Games rpg?

    I'm super sorry blade, With most RPG's someone backs out so keep your eyes open if there's a space we will definitely call you in.... =(
  5. Katblossom

    Would anyone join a Hunger Games rpg?

    thinking about it it suggests at points in the book that relationships are a good way to earn sponsors. I don't think anyone would of done it like Katniss and Peeta and there has never been two victors before either but I dont think its unheard of.
  6. Katblossom

    Would anyone join a Hunger Games rpg?

    I am going to Have Myra have wires in her hair that shoot of little sparks as if they are live XD
  7. Katblossom

    Would anyone join a Hunger Games rpg?

    If a district does not have a stylist Sylvie will interact with the tributes and we can just glaze over the clothing designer like we have been doing with escorts for some districts ^^ It probably be best if Zeus was the stylist for a district you do not already have a character in but that's just my opinion and its entirely up to you ^^
  8. Katblossom

    Tribute: A Hunger Games RPG

    Obsidian Swift- District 2 Mentor Obsidian wished he could be surprised at the bloodthirsty speech being emitted from a child who was barley out of the nursery, Unfortunately he was not. It was clear the child was going to hold onto her role as tribute. Some simply relinquished it out of the belief they were not worthy and there was always a string of volunteers ready to step up to the plate. He Stood looming at the back of the stage, cameras occasionally flicking to his brooding expression. He saw a lot of himself in Seneka, And It made him slightly uncomfortable. But this did not show in his expression , he instead stopped leaning on the wall uncrossed his arms and joined his two students as they solemnly but with an air of excitement walked into the justice building to say their last goodbyes to the families that at least one of them would never see again. another year another sacrifice Misty waters- District 1 Mentor Misty stood on the large stage like a Greek goddess of victory as she tilted her head upwards proudly. It was sweet really, there were a handful of winners in this district but the residents still clamored for attention as if she had won only yesterday. With a graceful flick of her head that sent dark blue curls tumbling from her shoulder to fall down her back she mused it was worth arriving early to get the crowd pumped up. On the sound of a loud buzzer the resident 1 tribute candidates fell into position peace keepers returned to their posts. Misty greeted the Escort with classic capitol extravagance and then moved to her designated position towards the back of the stage. Misty then drifted out instead choosing to examine her nails than look up at the children she was going to be training. Hearing a thunderous applause she finally drew her attention from her fingers to the events unfolding around her They have potential she thought to herself after examining both tributes carefully
  9. Katblossom

    Would anyone join a Hunger Games rpg?

    It cant be a weapon. The items they bring in with them are called Tribute tokens, for those of you have not read the books Katniss was the only one with a token in the movie and Cinna implies he is breaking the rules by letting her keep it on her person In the books however:
  10. Not exactly what I had in mind... It's mainly there just to prove that Clayf does have a soft side.

  11. XD I can see someone abducting his cat and holding it for ransom XD

  12. Yes, I loved the Idea of Clayf's cat. It was mainly to add a bit of comedy into his character.

  13. XD We were both thinking it though. In the end characters that dont interest us will end up dead. Oh and LOL at Clayf and his cat. XD

  14. EEgh! That sounded cruel. But, I get it. I'm thinking that she will die pretty early on but not super early.

  15. XD you can always kill her off if she bores you.