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    m cool. to be as if turkey
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    yehingredingre writen en stof
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  1. gunner

    Is Palin the hot new baby name?

  2. gunner

    Poetry Game

    pie is cool for a pretty cool guy not for fools lest they eat and die die. death
  3. gunner

    "Christian" Teen Forums...

    i agree, madster we should make it religion-interested teen forums. ill check if the domain is available now and get the site up asap
  4. gunner

    This World is Drowning

    i liked it. the style is kinda stream of consciousness-y, although it's a lil bit rough at some points. i read it out loud lol
  5. If you wish to insult me, do it correctly.

  6. gunner

    Japan Radiation Detected in Nebraska

    japanese fart detected in alaska brb potassium iodide hey, if i see you in the forced labor camps then you gotta tell me some more HAARP jokes
  7. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Was that supposed to be an insult?

    Because it worked.

  9. Yo dawg we heard you like dawgs so we put a dawg in your tomb so your dawg can guard your tomb while your Diogenes rests here.

    or sth

  10. gunner


  11. gunner

    Antivirus Software

    this sounds convenient and effective.
  12. gunner

    How Do you Pronounce "lol"

    to all the people that say l-o-l irl: ur doin it rong.
  13. gunner

    Poetry Game

    Can we dare to move forward In this dreadful class? Swipes of white across the chalkboard 'Cause the teacher is crass poop (yes, poop.)
  14. gunner

    How do you deal with stress?

    i usually do drugs or meditate
  15. whar u been }: