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  1. cannot wait for the 17th of August.

    1. JoyfulFleur


      What's happening on the 17th? :) I can't wait for the 15th! Baltimore Orioles game, woo!

  2. Congratulations! Good luck.

  3. I, Brooklyn, will be married on/by Christmas eve. Finally getting to be a wifey! If y'all live around the Oklahoma area and we don't just elope maybe y'all could see it happen??!!
  4. I'm getting married!!!

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    2. Allons-y99


      Congratulations! :D

    3. Wesker


      Let's pop open the champagne.

    4. JoyfulFleur


      Oh my, that is wonderful! ^-^ Congratulations!

  5. I'm getting married!!!

  6. I'm getting married!!!!

  7. I'm getting married!

  8. I haven't been as active as i should be in a while, and with the future weighing heavily on my mind i probavly won't be able to anytime in the forseeable future, so i am saying goodbye. I have met tons of great friends here and even more people with great points of view. I want to thank everyone here for being so accepting and fun. With warm regards, Brooklyn
  9. putting on my grr face. freelance writing course be warned.

  10. stability. lol. there is nobe in this crazy life

  11. is it normal to feel empty after graduation....atm all i want to do is spend large amounts of money i dont have on a new wardrobe.

    1. Zabby


      Yeah, it's pretty normal. Especially if you don't have a job/further education to jump to.

    2. opalecent


      Ditto on the wanting to spend money. Why does black friday have to be this week?

  12. thought graduation would at least make me feel smarter

  13. any spanish speakers on....need poetry help

  14. i cant reply to your thread and im not tbe most biblical person, but i have seemed to realize that making friends these days were more difficult. its like thwy are only interested in significant others or their already formed friendships. from your post youre older than me...so that may say i have hope left...but yea. good luck...btw the best friendships i have made have been through this site right here.

  15. Brooklyn

    The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia

    It comes as no surprise to me. I'll probably be posting a few other articles later to my post as why it doesn't. I myself have very close ties to the Mennonite's and have heard quite a few tales.