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    I like cats and dogs oh i love to swim and i like roller derby
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    San Antonio TX
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    Animals and make upROLLER DERBY!!!!
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    cleaning my grans house
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    Lillian belle
  1. convo with my sis

    [5:27:48 AM] TWILIGHT!: my CTF friend does not like bacon cupcKE'S:(

    [5:28:09 AM] sadlypoetic: tell her she is pagan worm

    [5:28:35 AM] TWILIGHT!: its marley and tjb_goingtobattle

    [5:28:49 AM] sadlypoetic: He sounds wormy

    [5:29:01 AM] sadlypoetic: and paganish

    [5:29:50 AM] sadlypoetic: some boys are named ashley, it's a pagan thing

    [5:31:14 AM] sadlypoetic: post everything, make an example!! A blood warning! IT IS TIME FOR JUSTICE

    [5:33:06 AM] sadlypoetic: I had soda today so I might as well be high

    [5:33:36 AM] sadlypoetic: And that is to be feared



  3. sorry I was reading up on roller derby cuz I got to think of a derby name for myself grr:mad:

  4. YAAAY, welcome back! :woot: How are you today? :D

  5. Girl who likes mini stuff

    Drinking age

    I think it should be lowered I mean really if u tell a child they cant drink they will just go behind your back and do what you told them not to and my brother who was about 17 at the time talked my mom into giving him beer and after that he did not want it any more be cuz it tasted so bad so I think if you give a younger child things like beer they may not even drink it as an adult if it tastes bad
  6. sorry I am back and will be on oh most every day


  7. Lillian!! :woot: How have you been? :D

  8. Girl who likes mini stuff

    The Twilight Saga

    oh my gosh i love love love twightlight its so funny with alice shes the only reasion i watch it tho
  9. ive been gone for a while sorry but hey im back :):bigguns:

  10. Girl who likes mini stuff

    CTF Marriages

    no one has married me yet
  11. Lillian! :woot: Check out your bday thread: Click here

  12. HEYYYYY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! Happpppeh Birfday! :D :D