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    Horse volunteering, Christian music, summer, winter, camping, nature, friends, reading, music in general, my snoring dogs.
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    You can call me Hannah or Hannelli, I don't mind either.
  1. Ungungunggggg. This dog. Constantly. Barking.

  2. sunblare


    Hello! :3
  3. sunblare


    Heller my dearies. I'm back forever, hopefully. I hate internet. Oh! And guys! I got these really awesome stickers for nail decor and they are a variety of 70s symbols. I stuck a green peace sign on my left little finger then a "roxy" symbol but with a peace sign incorporated into it, onto my right little finger.
  4. sunblare


    I heard something about a goat simulator, anyone?
  5. Who else has had internet problems recently? Because I couldn't get on lately.

    1. Jesuscountryfreak


      I have been havin internet problems to..you are not alone..

  6. 1 Cor. 13:4-13

  7. Roleplay! Yes! It's Fun! Let's Get It Going Again! Please! I'm So Bored Without It!

    1. sunblare


      Em, okay then! None of my friends have replied back yet. I'll advertise xD

  8. sunblare

    Say something nice.

    This is a wonderful idea! I will start thinking of messages. I vill not let this die!
  9. That moment when you realize you had a blob of paint on your face all day.

  10. sunblare

    Role players here?

    Oh! I didn't notice it Thank you for informing me of the section. Too many roleplays have gone bad. It's a bummer, you know? Such a great plot and then it either goes down hill or it totally dies. I will definitely invite my friends over here! I'm sure they will love it and not only for the roleplaying, but the community! It's wonderful.
  11. Hey T.K I'm already have a great time. Haha! Thank you
  12. sunblare

    Role players here?

    I just wanted to ask, because I haven't really met any Christian role players on any websites I roleplay on so.. I'm literate (4+ paragraphs), and I roleplay humans and animals on occasion. So... yeah xD Any other role players my age on here?
  13. Mhmm, you better zip those lips LOL. Bahaha, how does it end? XD