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  1. HeartOfSilver

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Omg I am so ready to be not pregnant anymore! ;-; Aug. 4 scheduled CSection and it cannot come here fast enough! Feet are swollen, insomnia, ugh. >_>
  2. HeartOfSilver

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Well I became an alcoholic and have suicidal thoughts and want to quit my job so yeah there's that.
  3. HeartOfSilver

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Nm, just relaxing.
  4. HeartOfSilver

    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Well, can it be fixed?
  5. HeartOfSilver

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Hey y'all, what's up?
  6. HeartOfSilver

    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    I am too.
  7. HeartOfSilver


    Thank you. I'm getting a bit better.
  8. HeartOfSilver


    Never thought in my 22 years I'd have this problem, but I do. I don't drink all the time, just on weekends or every other weekend. Was talking to a good friend of mine and he said "If you drink to get drunk, then you have a problem." That's when it hit me. I do drink to get drunk. I've been in the floor twice cuz of my drinking. Almost fell in the street one night. I've called my ex-boyfriend's father one night drunk, he didn't like that... He hates when I drink, cuz he used to be an alcoholic himself... Just the other day, I got up the courage to tell my (now ex) boyfriend. I was so scared he was gonna leave me. He didn't. He told me to get help, threatened to leave if I didn't. So, I'm getting help. I've signed up for AA email lists and chats. Can't go to an actual meeting because 1. The closest is about 2 1/2 hours away and 2. My parents have no idea I'm an alcoholic even though they're right there with me or nearby when I do drink. I hate this, I'm tired of living this way. I want out.
  9. HeartOfSilver


    Hey y'all.
  10. HeartOfSilver

    Prayer and questions

    K so... The night before last night, I had prayed to God to give me guidance and to guide me in the way that He wants me to be. (Was tired of feeling like poo, tired of the sin in my life.) The next morning, went to church and listened to a sermon of which I really needed to hear. I felt fine. Went to bed in a good mood, calm, no paranoia, nothing. The next day, we come back to the house. I go in my room and start unpacking my suitcase, and all of a sudden I feel a darkness surround me. Immediately I'm in a bitter, bad mood. Which leads me to believe this house has a demon in it. I knew we had spirits in this house, I just didn't know if they were good or bad and now I know. Please, PLEASE keep praying for me. Also, give me some advice on how to ward off bad spirits please
  11. HeartOfSilver

    Conservative or Liberal?

    Conservative all the way
  12. HeartOfSilver

    Pleading for help

    I've been struggling with a porn and masturbation habit for 6 years now... I've tried to quit countless times because I'm tired of losing sleep over it. It wasn't until 2 or 3 months ago that I realized what was happening, what was really going on in my head. A couple of months ago I had my very first incubus encounter. I'm trying to quit. I want to stop, I want to be clean. This thing... This demon has a tight hold on me and I hate it