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    You can call me Shasta. I'm a fun-loving, solidly-Christian-and-proud-of-it homeschool graduate, and a total bibliophile. That pretty much sums me up in a nutshell! :-D
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    Gardening, cooking, baking, reading, writing, playing volleyball, and listening to good music like Johnny Cash, George Jones, and Elvis Presley.
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    Shasta Daisy

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  1. Shasta Daisy

    Ways To Use Apples?

    No need to be nasty. Personal greed? What? Because we have a lot of apples, and I'm looking for different ways of using them? Nobody wants them. They're full of worms, and you have to sit there for hours cutting out all the unusable portions. I've offered them to people, and they don't want them. But I don't even know you, and you don't know me... who are you to call me greedy, without even knowing the full story? And even if you knew the full story, it still isn't right to criticize somebody for using their own produce.
  2. Shasta Daisy

    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Shoot, that stinks. :-( Sorry to hear that, Will. I guess all the new September updates are messing it up somehow. I hope that CTF isn't getting rid of it... it's just about the best feature on here!
  3. Shasta Daisy

    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Then I guess it isn't just me. Thank you for replying! :-) I hope that the problem is resolved soon, whatever it is...
  4. I keep trying to enter the chat room, but each time I try I get this message: Sorry, there is a problem There was an error joining the chat room. Please try again or contact us. Error code: 4H269/N Contact Us I tried contacting the mods through the link given, twice, and received no reply either time, nor did the problem go away. Can you please help? P.S. Is anybody else having this issue?
  5. Love your avatar! It's my namesake flower. (Or should I say usernamesake? *shrugs* LOL)

    1. Music_girl


      Thank you! Daisies are my favourite flowers XD

    2. Shasta Daisy

      Shasta Daisy

      Mine too! Well, one of them. I have so many!

  6. Shasta Daisy

    Cooking From Scratch Recipes

    Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!
  7. Shasta Daisy

    Ways To Use Apples?

    THOSE RECIPES LOOK SO GOOOOOOD!!! Can I please have a couple of those recipes? They all look so delicious that I can't choose which one looks best, but boy-oh-boy do they sound good. Thanks for sharing about them!
  8. Shasta Daisy

    Boys vs Girls 42!!

  9. Shasta Daisy

    Boys vs Girls 42!!

  10. Shasta Daisy

    Boys vs Girls 42!!

  11. Shasta Daisy

    Boys vs Girls 42!!

  12. Shasta Daisy

    Boys vs Girls 42!!

    300 (you missed Delores' post, Jacob)
  13. Shasta Daisy

    The Rhyming Game

    Arrest Leaves
  14. Shasta Daisy

    3 Word Story

    Barris custom car