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    The New Weight Loss Buddy Thread :)

    I hope we could have a new thread like this
  2. RightNote

    Digital Art vs Hand Drawn?

    With digital drawing, there is much more room for manipulation. You can rescale things to your advantage, erase much better, and use the undo functions. Digital painting also allows one to use layers, which is a very useful tool that art on paper does not allow.
  3. I am looking for the best child monitoring & safety app for my mobile device. Can anyone suggest to me which is the best app for child monitoring?
  4. RightNote

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Just watched it last weekend with my kids
  5. RightNote


    I've seen it in the cinema before and got to watch it again the other day on Fox movies. it’s a very artistic film, the movie is realistic
  6. RightNote

    Christian Christmas Music

    I really love Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  7. RightNote

    Diagnosed with Eczema - Need advice!

    I have it too, I am using hydrocortisone to relieve the itch
  8. What is your favorite season and why? Me, I love spring because flowers are in bloom and it makes me happy. Spring break is also a great opportunity for some family bonding time, we get to celebrate Easter at home. How about you, what do you love about Spring, and what are your greatest memories as a child of your spring trip with the family?
  9. If the coronavirus vaccine will be available, will you get vaccinated?
  10. RightNote

    Favorite Scents

    I also love the scent of a freshly cut grass especially during spring
  11. RightNote

    What web browser do you use?

    I am using Chrome but I also use Firefox but not quite often
  12. RightNote

    True Or False!

    False True/False: You are hungry right now
  13. RightNote

    I was in a music room and I will bring...

    I was in a music room and I'll bring a Fastener
  14. What is the biggest challenge in your life that you have thought of ways to overcome? What is a challenge you already overcame? My biggest challenge was coming to terms with myself, and being truly honest with myself. Creating my own perspective on life, and living for myself, instead of living to make others happy.
  15. Did you get professional help? Do you have any good experience working with a therapist?
  16. RightNote

    Natural Anxiety Remedies

    Anxiety is a terrible feeling that can cripple your day or week instantly. Anxious thoughts can hold you tightly and make it difficult to get on with your daily activities and responsibilities, and it's easy to let your self-care routine slip because all you feel like doing is hiding under your blanket. Are there natural remedies that you can try yourself to get your sleep routine and mental and physical wellbeing back on track again?
  17. RightNote

    Woah. This is a trip.

    Welcome back, forum is still alive but not that active like before
  18. RightNote


    Sorry to hear that, they really banned you? that's insane
  19. RightNote

    What book are you reading now?

    Currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama
  20. RightNote

    Coronavirus Vaccine

    Anyone here already got their vaccine shots?
  21. RightNote

    What book are you reading now?

    I am currently reading The Consequences of Fear by Jacqueline Winspear
  22. RightNote

    I’m just popping in!

    Congratulations on your engagement!
  23. RightNote


    How is everyone doing now that it's been more than a year into this pandemic?