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  1. With digital drawing, there is much more room for manipulation. You can rescale things to your advantage, erase much better, and use the undo functions. Digital painting also allows one to use layers, which is a very useful tool that art on paper does not allow.

  2. On 4/12/2021 at 5:29 AM, Buoyancy said:

    my mother's anti vax conspiracy theories are so out of control that I got banned from Easter because everyone I work with and my boyfriend got the vaccine.  Because the Covid shot "sheds". So I'm tainted by being around them and could spread a mutated version of the virus. 
    I have yet to get it as my immune system attacks bread, shrimp, cashews, peas, hazelnuts and artificial sweetener. 

    But sure, ban me from family gatherings.  That makes total sense. 

    Sorry to hear that, they really banned you? that's insane