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  1. Some parents are at the cross road on how to go about managing their teenage children, some already have given up on them while some are seeking for solution. The truth about every teenager is that, God has ordained them to have great future. But the devil who is enemy to mankind has deceived most of these teenagers and thereby making life more miserable and difficult. There is still hope for the hopeless. This book is one in a million that will help every teenager to navigate the course of teenager life and challenges and come out victoriously. I am a living testimony, and i believe it will save a lot of our teenage children from future disaster. Get you copy through this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00URJG828
  2. kennypraise

    Teens basic need for Success.

    if you must succeed as a teen, your number one requirement is GOD. Anything you do outside God as a teen is a failure. Put God in your life first and watch out the outcome.