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  1. 3 hours ago, MandySCOtt said:

    Just get through It, you can strut down that hallway without giving a crap. You could learn to embrace your coat and walk proudly, if people know your not embarrassed by it most likely they wont feel the need to laugh at you as much. Or you could talk to your mom about how you feel and maybe she'll understand :)


    I could try, but everyone would still laugh at me for wearing snow pants and that stupid coat. My mom thinks I'll get sick if I don't wear all that crap in the winter, it barely even fits into my locker.

  2. I get made fun of for the way my mom makes me dress in the winter. I have to wear a very thick puffy jacket with another jacket over it that is almost floor length and very bulky and heavy. I also have to wear ski pants and big winter boots. My mom also makes me wear hats, scarves, gloves, and hoods.

     I am about to go into 8th grade and I'm tired of other kids laughing at me in the winter.