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  1. TyKeesha

    Living Life On the Edge

    Thank you. I know. ☺️ n God bless you too.
  2. TyKeesha

    Living Life On the Edge

    Thank you. I will talk to you when I have time very soon. I believe my situation is going to get alot better all I need to do is trust Jesus.
  3. TyKeesha

    Living Life On the Edge

    God has always been good to me and I love Him and Jesus dearly. I'm just going through a rough time right now. Pray for me.
  4. The downside to not having friends is that nobody has your back, people think you crazy because your mostly silent and always smiling lol. The upside is that the way the world is turning out.... If you get in trouble, you get in trouble by yourself. Also being alone can help spend time with Your TRUE BEST FRIEND Jesus and you will truly find yourself, your purpose and much more. But everybody wants a earthly friend and even tho this is my life and I accept it, I still want one too lol. God brought me a cat almost a year ago, He told me she is an angel but we are falling apart so it's basically Jesus and I.