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  1. sunshiner

    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Bummer it's not working anymore! I'm new here and wish I'd gotten here sooner.
  2. sunshiner

    Non-cheesy Christian music?

    Aight let me clarify. I don't like K-love, air1 type music. I'll listen to it in the car and whatever, but otherwise, it just sounds fake and poppy. Secular artists I like are The 1975, The Front Bottoms, Arctic Monkeys, Grouplove, Young The Giant, Harry Styles (not One Direction, you know?), Passenger, Pearl Jam, and Sleeping at Last. I'm especially looking for someone who sounds like Arctic Monkeys and The 1975. Christian artists I like are Deas Vail, My Epic, Josh Garrels, Eikon, Will Reagan, Relient K (!!!my favorite!!!), Marty, Nobigdyl, NF, Local Sound, Jonathon Ogden, and Rivers & Robots. HOWEVER I can't find a non-cheesy artist with genuinely good lyrics and that has interesting musical elements that sounds even remotely close to or as good as those two bands. Christian music honestly just frustrates me most of the time, because I'm trying to listen to music that focusses me on the Lord, but honestly 90% of it sounds the same and isn't interesting. It's pretty annoying, actually. HELP ME. Also I don't like heavy metal. Thank you!!!