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  1. Lucidity

    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    English speaker.
  2. Lucidity

    Keep a word, Drop a word

    Olympic athlete
  3. Lucidity

    True Or False!

    Cookies? Yes. Almost anything else? False. True or false: you work on weekends.
  4. Lucidity

    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    Graded paper.
  5. Lucidity

    The Rhyming Game

    Lotion. ...weekday?
  6. According to the article now, only one was admitted to be an informant for the DEA, but apparently a few others had ties to the FBI. Something to keep in mind is that informants are typically criminals, as evidenced by the FBI's statement about only gaining intelligence lawfully. That said, I'm at a loss as to why the assassins wanted the Colombian president dead.
  7. Lucidity

    Magnetic therapy

    Well, I'm not sure how qualified "Web MD dot com" is, but the site claims that magnetic therapy attempts to realign the magnetic fields in one's body. However, it admits that there is little evidence to prove that magnetic therapy works.
  8. I have many doubts about this, and your style of posting is... sketchy, to say the least.
  9. Lucidity

    Keep a word, Drop a word

    High school track.
  10. Lucidity

    Boy/girl Name ABCs

    Inigo (Montoya)
  11. Lucidity

    True Or False!

    False. I'm in my final year though. ... true or false: you have recently renovated a portion of your home?
  12. Lucidity

    Get to know you better

    To a point. "Burn your tongue" spicy is too much for me, but I do enjoy something with a bite. What was a favorite subject for you to study?