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  1. If you want to know the Church, you need to know about it's beginnings as well. This audiobook is a great resource for anyone that wants to learn about the Early Church, whether you are a lifelong Catholic, new to Catholicism or just want to learn about the beginnings of the Catholic church. If you sign up for a free trial on audible using this link, you get 2 free audiobooks. It costs literally nothing and it's a good way to relax and learn without having to strain your eyes... just rest and listen. Dominus Vobiscum. Make sure to use this link to get your 2 free audiobooks and if you don't want to spend anything just cancel before the free trial ends. I am actually a revert to Catholicism after being a Protestant for 4 years. Reading the Bible and abiding in Christ is what helped me return to the Church - and hearing all the lies and myths I have heard about Catholicism caused me to research them and find out they were lies. Does anyone have any suggestions for audiobooks I should listen to? This one is great. https://amzn.to/31pZMsv
  2. My name is Anton and I am a devout Ultra Orthodox Catholic and I believe Holy Tradition is just as important as the Bible. I practice Catholic Mysticism and listen to God with my heart and soul. I used to be a Protestant, but I was raised Catholic (Novus Ordo) but returned to the Church when I realized that the Church itself was not at fault for the evils taking place in it. The smoke of Satan has entered the Church and all of us must be aware of this and how to address it. Rejecting the Church that Christ gave us is the last thing we should do.