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Found 5 results

  1. paraskeve

    Now you gotta Run

    Ehm, hello! This is, I guess, a sorta replacement for the Solaris rp due to not enough people. (Marley said okay with this) and I hope you all like the idea! Plotline: (Bit like those movie-books about the Jedi regrouping, as in, riiiiight after Revenge of the Sith when they're hunting down Jedi); The Republic has fallen, but not everyone knows that, they just think "oh, why change it to the Empire? Rather forbidding eh?" But anyway, they're hunting down anyone who has the ability to manipulate the force by hiring bounty hunters to hunt, and then capture them, and strand them on a deserted, dangerous planet. They'll try to get off, and we'll see how it goes then. Rules and Restrictions that are applied: Please have an understanding of the Star Wars universe; either by the movies, books, series, or just by googling it. You will have to be active, at least one post per week, more would be nice, but if you can't, then that's okay. If you want to join but can't post once per week, PM me with the form, and we'll work something out. Please keep it PG-13 violence. Aliens are allowed, both canon and made-up-on-the-spot ones, but keep it realistic. No power playing or controlling others without permission. Multiple characters are allowed. If you have to leave for a bit, please say so before disappearing. EDIT: Order 66 is back to its original purpose. Form. Name: Age: Gender: Species: Appearence: Personality: Backstory: Weapon Abilities: Have fun!
  2. Except the battle is probably really far off... or may never happen. So once again I'm itching to write and, weirdly enough, seems like some of the new kids might be interested in a game. I'm gonna toss out what's in my head and if folks seem to like it alright we'll move forward. Battle for Solaris Solaris Solaris, known to travelers as "The City of Three Kings" is the prosperous capital city of an empire that has been mostly peaceful since it's inception some 150yrs ago. A center of art, learning and culture most upper class Solarians view their city as a paradise. It has it's underbelly, certainly, but most see the city as a perfect ecosystem. If it even could be threatened, it would be a force from outside those glittering russet gates. Sabir's from the north, perhaps, or those pesky Mentari who seem to be selling their wares on every street corner. They would never suspect a threat from within. And yet.... the glittering house still shudders in the wind. Generations have passed since the original Three Kings agreed to form a bond and end the Dragon's War and only the elderly King Theryn (Called "The King of Flowers" by his subjects) truly remembers the threat that lurks behind the dissolution of that pact. While the young King of the Northern country (Called "The Good Wolf" by his followers) has been away guarding his territorial lands from rogue Sabir tribes, the King of the East (The Red King) eyes the ailing Theyrn as The King of Flowers nears the end of his life without an heir.... or at least not a suitable one. Rumors of a romance between the Good Wolf and the Dragon Sage complicate matters further as to do the exploits of Prince Darius, the Good Wolf's younger brother. The Three Kingdoms The city of Solaris is the capitol of Elindaria. It is located not far from the Western Sea where two great rivers meet. Before Solaris was established as the capital city, Elindaria was ruled by 12 houses... 15 depending on who you asked. These factions still exist and although much of the animosity between them has ceased many feel loyalty to a particular King.... and not always the King that manages their territorial lands. The Good Wolf The Good Wolf's land is perhaps the second most proseprous of the three and stretches north from Solaris along the western sea. They are are a varied people, frigid and tough in the northernmost areas and seafaring ruffians in the southern western sea. It is managed by three houses which quarrel like brothers but would fight together if need be. The Northern People are generally the most accepting of Magickers, which makes sense seeing as their king is one. The Northern people appreciate good music, fine food and strong drink. The elementalists of the Northern People work with water and so magickers here are usually able to manipulate water and ice. This ability is not very uncommon and seems to run along family lines. Some rarer powers that may crop up among the Northern People include healing and shape-shifting. Elemental Healing among the Northern people is very rare but a very powerful gift when it crops up shape-shifting is more common (though still rare). Usually, Northern shape-shifters take the form of large wolves when they transform although it's not unheard of for Notherners to shift into bears or other large predators. The Good Wolf's flag is a deep blue with a silver orb in the middle representing the moon. Popular clothing colors are blue, black, silver, brown and white. Purple is reserved for nobility or those in positions of power. Wearing skins of animals is common. The King of Flowers The King of Flower's territory extends the furthest and is the most prosperous of the three Kingdoms. Most of the land is rolling hills and fields but some extends up to the warm southern sea or out towards the eastern mountains. This Kingdom includes 6 houses of which four are primarily agricultural, one consists of forest dwellers and one which consists of miners. It is difficult to say which house would go wear in the event of a war and only one of the houses has shown support for King Theryn's young Mentari heir. These people are very diverse, but the ones closest to Solaris tend to have tanned skin and smiling faces. Although it varies by house, many of these people are vegetarians and have a deep respect for animals even if they use them. The People of the Flower King are known for their colorful parties and intricate dances that are difficult for a non-native to learn. The elementalists of the Flower Kingdom work with plants. Oftentimes, these elementalists will have a particular type of plant they'll have an affinity for and so will be able to "sing" that particular plant into growing however they like. It's no wonder, then, that produce grown in these regions is prosperous. The ability to sing to plants is somewhat rare and so these people often end up in positions of power or prestige. Other gifts among these people include healing, shape-shifting and talking to animals. Healing is fairly common and most villages have a hedge witch of sorts who can heal minor injuries and illnesses (they are not as power as a Water Elementalist healer, however). Shape-shifting is rare in this Kingdom and generally not trusted. The most common form varies by household but deer, horses and birds are the most common. The ability to speak to animals is the rarest of all gifts and currently the only known person to have this gift is the King of Flowers himself. The King of Flower's flag is a deep green with six purple roses. Popular colors vary but browns, greens, yellows, gold and purple are all popular. Red is considered unlucky except when worn by healers (but healers often wear red to identify themselves). No colors are restricted based on class but generally the wealthier a person is the more colorful their outfit. Animal skins are considered tacky in some houses and are reserved for special occasions in others. The Red King The Red King's land are in the East and consist of fertile planes and resource rich mountains but recent years droughts in the Eastern lands have put strain on the economy. Technically, this land touches the Eastern Sea but to get to those cities requires a trek through the unforgiving Zyrican desert and so culturally those villages are quite distinct. People in the Eastern kingdom can be warlike and are somewhat hot-headed. They believe in appearances and Eastern Kingdom art, jewelry and architecture are world renowned. This Kingdom consists of three large houses, two of which are firmly loyal to the Red King and one of which, the house of the Southern Plainsmen, could be easily swayed. Although certain houses from the Flower King's territories are on good terms with the Eastern Kingdom, they tend to view outsiders with suspicion. Indeed, the villages Eastern Kingdom is most likely to suffer raids from outsiders be they Ogres, Mentari or Storm Callers. Of all the Kingdoms, this one is the least tolerant of Magic although their own elementalists are regarded as heroes. The elementalists of the Eastern Kingdom work with fire. Although this gift is not exactly common, the Red King makes sure he knows about every born elementalist to ensure they recieve the proper training. Other magical gifts are rare but occasionally an an elemental healer will crop up and there are a particular brand of shape-shifters who live on the border between the Eastern Kingdom and the Flower King's Territory who can manipulate fire AND turn into foxes. Although not really considered part of the Eastern Kingdom, sorcerers in the Zyrican desert are often summoners or shades. The Eastern Empire in the past (or maybe currently...) has harbored powerful alchemists and the land is rich with magical objects. The Eastern Kingdom also has rather intimate ties with the Dragon race and often make the most skilled Dragon Riders. The Red King's Flag is black with a golden dragon. Typical colors include red, brown, black, gold, orange and yellow. Jewelry and animal skins are both common and are signs of status. Blue and Green are considered "weak" colors. Purple is reserved for young children, for the dead and for those in mourning. The reason young children are often dressed in purple is because it is believed to trick evil spirits and so protect young children. The Dragon Sage Currently a female, the Dragon Sage is not so much a Queen as a head monk. She does have small cities (Called "Rooks" and often houseing dragons) scattered throughout the Kingdom she does not have any real lands. Some houses may say they are loyal to her and many merchants or low-nobility (particularly traders and airship pilots) consider themselves part of this unofficial "Kingdom". This is an elected position although there is a mystical element to the selection process. The history of the Dragon Sage is important. Before the war, their were no Dragon Riders. Although some individual dragons may have been friendly to humans they were on the whole hostile to the human race. At some point in the midst of the fighting a young child stumbled across an abandoned dragon hatch-ling and raised it as her own. She later went on to found the "Order of the Pale Mother" a lunar cult that generally sought peace and renounced magic with some exceptions notable exceptions (its a rather secretive organisation). When the founder and her dragon were still quite young, they were killed in a way that could be interpreted as martyrdom. The order that grew after that changed face somewhat. Although still largely an agent of peace, an obsession with Dragon partnership grew within the leadership. In the end, powerful leaders from within the Pale Mothers ranks partnered with magicians from the east to form "Dragon Blades" as a way to bond young dragons to their riders. With the power of their own dragons, the three Kingdoms (and that Dragon Sage) were able to drive Dragons (except those bonded to riders) out of the main Kingdom. Today, the Dragon Sage's Kingdom and the Order of the Pale Mother are still basically synonymous. Although members of the order no longer hold the same prejudices against mystics and magickers they tend to look down on simple elementalists. Strangly enough, Dragons have a powerful magic of their own so while being bonded to a dragon does not give one special powers it tends to enhance any existing magical abilities as well as increase the riders life span. It is rumored by the common that the Dragon Sage has been providing asylum to summoners and alchemists. There are also rumors of a romantic relationship between the Dragon Sage and the King of the Northern Kingdom. And then of course whatever trouble Prince Darius is getting into... Although Dragon Riders often wear the clothes of whatever Kingdom they were born in, members of the Order of the Pale Mother usually wear white with accents of blue, purple, pink, gold and silver. Moonstones on silver chains or bands are common because they will stifle mystical powers. Something followers believe helps them be closer to the pale mother. And I know a lot of that doesn't make sense but eh. It's a start and I wanted to write haha. No profile yet. Just let me know if your interested and if we get enough itnerest we'll move forward. Also, if anyone out there wants to critique what I've written (particularly the old RPers) I'd appreciate it. I feel like my ideas arn't totally reaching the page here. XP
  3. A Murder of Crows Sequel to The Crow King. Background: For the last ten years, the evil Crow King Malphas Azazel has ruled the land of Aquitas with an iron fist, crushing or subduing any who could try to take his throne from him. So jealous of his power was he, that he refused even to have a Queen and raise an heir to reign after him. With his elite army of brutal warriors the Crows, he held the kingdom in thrall. Only the Hawks, a secret society of freedom fighters founded by the heirs of a prior royal dynasty, the Falconer line, and charged with the sacred duty to defend the people from tyranny, dared oppose him. When he learned of their existence, Malphas gathered his forces and marched on their hidden camp in Kings' Gate Canyon (the mountain pass with the river between Tir Ciaradh and Aldarra on the map) to crush them once and for all. Led by his brother Melzekiah Azazel, the Hawks fought a desperate rear-guard action against the Crows' overwhelming numerical superiority while they tried to get their main force clear. During the battle, Malphas and Melzekiah confronted one another in a duel to the death. The Crow King was struck down, and Melzekiah mortally wounded. Both armies are left without a clear leader. In Tir Ciaradh, the young princess Cerys Adi-Tziyona, daughter of Malphas by a concubine, tries to hold the kingdom together. Youth and illegitimate birth make her claim to the throne precarious, and she is surrounded by powerful, corrupt lords who supported her father's regime. Furthermore, the Falconers established a precedent: after overthrowing an evil king from among their own line, Damien Falconer, they voluntarily set aside their dynastic rights, changed their surname to Fouler, and placed Tilion Yalown the First on the throne. Should Cerys not do the same, rather than attempt to continue her father's tainted line? Who then will rise to rule the kingdom? Will justice and peace be restored, or will the land plunge into even greater darkness? Character Bio format: Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: (Picture, plus description of character, clothing, armor, etc. if desired) Alignment: (Hawk, Crow, or Other) Reason for Alignment: Claimant: (Y/N) Is the character a claimant for the throne? Basis for Claim: If the character is a Claimant, what is the basis for their claim to the throne? This can be anything from dynastic descent from the Falconer (Fouler) or Yalown royal lines or the House of Azezel to popularity among the people (e.g. a rebel leader or religious leader) to "me and this army," to possession of great wealth and lands. Weapons: (description, and picture if possible) Personality: Bio: Theme Song: (optional)
  4. OT: I'm putting this up as a placeholder for now, because I forgot to label the OT thread "OT." I will edit this post and announce when the game is up and running. Please do not reply to this thread until then. Thanks!
  5. Hey, Im new here. 15 years old and just published book 1 of a trilogy. Its a Christian fantasy adventure series about a female warrior of God, chosen to battle evil. I wanted to make something christians and everyone else can enjoy. It would be great if people could check it out! The book is called Chosen, of the Fearless trilogy PM member for links thanks everyone. coming soon- Book 2 Relentess!!!!!!!!!! my pen name is S. Lynn Jones