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Found 10 results

  1. Shasta Daisy

    Word Blast!

    In this game, the goal is to find little-known words of 10 letters or more, and post them, with definitions if possible, in alphabetical order. For example: I say "Anathematize - To hate or detest something passionately." And the next person can say "Bouillabaisse - Fish chowder." And the next one may say "Circumlocution - A roundabout way of talking." etc. etc. etc. You are allowed to use a dictionary, and this is even encouraged. The use of this game, beyond being great fun, is to boost vocabulry and spelling skills of ourselves and others interested in doing so. (Who knows? You may even impress your friends with your newly aquired knowledge!) While the rule of thumb is not to post a word that you already know, as this means others probablly know it as well, if you doubt that others know it then go right ahead! And when the letter Z has been reached, feel free to start all over again! Hope y'all have fun! Antediluvian - Since before the flood; very old or old fashioned.
  2. Good day everybody! Couple weeks before I decided to choose an activity for me: to keep my body strong and my mind clear. I saw that in a lot of command games are angry and with bad energy. People are greed because they only want to win. Maybe you can give me an advice? I already tried a lot of different games there are quite interesting but I can't improve my health playing it
  3. GamerJohn

    Bible game for Android

    Hi, I am new here. So one question. I made a Bible game called "Bible Gems" for Android, can I promote my game here? It is pure Bible Game and it includes KJV translations and 3 match gaming. I won't put the link if it is against rules but if I can put the link i will put it later when I'll get more information about this.
  4. Zaharovan

    Simulator of Squirrel

    I love to play and I love squirrels . And recently, I found the game about them (simulator)!!!!!! It looks COOL, who wants to play - link (googleplay). Maybe then I'll have someone to share impressions and discuss the game.
  5. Nomly

    Guessing Game [CTF EDITION]

    The rules of this game is simple, Describe two traits of a creature, person, or any living thing... The person below will then post what they think it is! This will be fun... so... "A Monster that has Alot of eyes."
  6. Jesusismyticket

    Sorry/you're not sorry

    Okay so I saw this on another site and it is totally funny so basically how it works. Person one: I'm sorry I took your favorite books. Person 2: apology accepted/you're not sorry I'm sorry I did etc. and it goes on It doesn;t have to be real, it is just funny jokes XD I'll start I'm sorry I took your favorite shirt.
  7. I`m not exactly sure if this is the place for it...But I was wondering if anyone has...or knows of... or is thinking of.. or knows someone who is thinking of having the game Terraria. Its a game that is similar to minecraft but is 2-D. Its pretty fun and I was thinking of setting up a server for people to play on if people thought that would be a good idea/fun. There would be a few little complications to work out but if people would enjoy it I would love to play with anyone who is interested ^.^ So umm...discuss? Ahh I just saw there is a place for it! Ugh!
  8. Hey everyone! Does anyone else have Clash of Clans? My clan is trying to recruit other Christians and we'd love you to join!! We're a really friendly, Christian clan called 'Baptist' with a white cross on a blue background. So come check us out, we'd love to have you! God Bless
  9. I think it is like, the Epitome of a Racing Game...
  10. WiccanCrow

    A Demyx Tribute

    to start with, if you are a big Kingdom Hearts fan you are going to love this (especially if you are a big Demyx fan). after months of thinking about it, one day of searching and planing, and three hours of putting it all together i was able to create my sixth (youtube) video. the great part of it is that it isn't just a tribute to the character, it is actually more of a tribute to the fans. the video includes original artwork as well as countless cosplays of demyx of every kind-casual, formal, funny, etc. all-in-all, i believe that it is a great video that you should take the time to watch. please tell me what you think about it.