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Found 5 results

  1. I keep trying to enter the chat room, but each time I try I get this message: Sorry, there is a problem There was an error joining the chat room. Please try again or contact us. Error code: 4H269/N Contact Us I tried contacting the mods through the link given, twice, and received no reply either time, nor did the problem go away. Can you please help? P.S. Is anybody else having this issue?
  2. Jesusismyticket

    weezy stomach issue?

    So the past couple mornings I woke up with an upset/weezy stomach, without eating anything. I notice the common theme is I was outside running up until bed time, and then we came inside and went to bed. It's pretty hot even in the evenings now (doesn't go lower than 80 degrees most of the time now) After I either puke or use some routined medicine it usually goes away. But I was wondering why this would cause it? Of course note too my stomach is a tad sensitive and I have acid reflex. XD
  3. Anonymous Member

    Distorted self image.

    I want to set myself on fire. I really do. I really truly want to set myself on fire. Especially my thighs. When I had self-harming issues, I always clawed up my thighs first. I hate them. They’re misshapen and lumpy/cellulitey. They’ve been like this since I was in my younger teens. No matter what exercise routine I do, they barely shrink and if I’m lucky they tone up just a tad. The fat doesn’t “melt” away though, the lumps remain and after 4 years of working out 3 times a week, I feel like a failure because I have next to no muscle tone in that area, despite gaining muscle everywhere else. These thighs belong on a 60 year old lady, not me. I’ve been battling self-confidence issues for years. I can’t stop comparing myself to others, I can’t help but see the ugliest thing on the planet when I look in the mirror at my legs, when I wear shorter skirts or even shorts. I‘ve tried focusing on what my body can do rather than what it looks like, but… nothing is working. In my mind, being able to press 200 pounds pales in comparison to being able to rock short shorts or tight pants. I can’t wear shorts or even swim trunks without feeling exposed and judged for how big my thighs are in proportion to the rest of me. I’ve friends who keep reassuring me like “It’s okay, you’re just curvy/thick, no big deal” or the “who cares what other people think, wear what you want!” Thing is, I care. I see something about myself as hideous and I can’t/don’t know how to change that. This something also happens to be shown more in the summertime than in winter and I’d rather die than go anywhere near the swimsuit section, even though I really need a new one. I want to be able to love myself, all of myself and stop comparing myself to others… but I don’t know how. I’ve been comparing myself ( and have been compared to) others since I can remember. It’s engrained in me, comparing, judging. I can’t seem to stop, even though I want to. Especially when others are what I want to look like. I lead a very jealous and unhappy life and I know it. I’d like to change. I’m sick of this, feeling unhappy and jealous all the time. I know I don’t see myself as God sees me, but Psalm 139 (I’m fearfully and wonderfully made) really isn’t helping me see myself in a better light. :\ Help? (workout tips would also be acceptable. I know this is the counseling section, but I can’t just sit there and pray and do what feels like nothing, I have to work towards something physical. That's just who I am.) Anonymous poster hash: 718ec...9a8
  4. Okay so for about 3 years now we have had two dogs: A weenie dog and a chihuahua. Recently we got a 3-4 week old Chihuahua puppy, and it is very playful. To much surprise, the weenie dog that is usually mean is doing better with her than my actual chihuahua! Hence I am extremely frustrated and unsure what to do. My chihuahua (Tameeka) will play with the new chihuahua (Izzy) upstairs, but if she is downstairs or in my bedroom, she will not play with her. instead she gets aggressive, growls, and occasionally nips at her. I am unsure how to train her to play with the pup not just in the upstairs rooms other than mine. I have tried several tactics (spray bottle, newspaper smacking when the fights happened) but she has yet to show progress... Do I need more patience with them? Is there something you could suggest? thanks...
  5. Psl


    I live in an area wich is mostly (99.9%) are jews so therefore most of my friends are jews. Because of that there are lot of times when there is a jewish prayer in the jewish church or a grace before meals and so on... My problem is that they are expecting me to pray along with them and to say the jewish graces and prayers. Is it ok for a christian to pray with jews in their churc (and so on)? Is it ok to pray with them as an act of respect and friendship?