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I like sunsets that are speckled with gold, the smell of coffee in the morning, the knocking of a Diesel engine, looking through old photos, turning on the radio to find that it’s playing my favorite song, the sound of raindrops on the garage roof, watching lightning out my window at night, unsweetened chocolate, watching the first snowflake fall, waking up to finding out that you had an amazing dream, going to the racetrack really early and watching them prep it, working really hard on something  and liking the finished product, laughing ‘till it hurts, looking at shelves of colorful paint cans lined up in rows, seeing a authentic hot rod driving on a sunny day, unexpectedly slipping into a creek...then laughing myself silly, feeling the wind blow through my hair on a motorcycle, waking up to see a freshly baked apple pie on the counter, being soaking wet after washing a car, and I like making people smile.

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