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Christian Teen Forums Rules & Guidelines

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By making an account on this forum, you are agreeing to adhere to the following rules. You are responsible for knowing the rules and will be treated as though you do.

1. All members must be at least 13 years of age or older. However, under the COPPA laws of 2008, we can permit members under the age of 13 if, and only if, they have their legal guardian fill out our COPPA form.

2. Posts bashing God, Christians, or other members are not allowed. Bashing includes questioning another members salvation, name-calling, slander, gossip, or verbally attacking another member/subject.

3. Actions taken by the Staff are only allowed to be contested via PM to either that staff member or an Administrator. Do not make a topic about it, discuss it in chat, or via status updates and profile comments.

4. Advertisement of other religions or belief systems (including Atheism) is not allowed.

5. There are to be no debates concerning whether Christianity is true, or the validity of the Christian faith.

6. There will be no discrimination of different forms or doctrines of Christianity.

7. Chat-speak, excessive exclamation points and typing in all caps are prohibited.

8. Topics and/or posts and/or images and/or links discussing, depicting, displaying or condoning sexual behavior or violence are prohibited. Additionally, posting any topics that encourage or condone illegal activities in any way is not permitted.

9. Any topics and/or posts that promote the use of any sort of ad-blocking software are prohibited.

10. Profanity ("cursing") in any form is forbidden. This includes taking God's name in vain.

11. Spamming (creating topics/posts with no substantial purpose) is not permitted.

12. Starting topics, posts, or using the private message system for advertising ("plugging") other websites is prohibited.

13. Publicly sharing or displaying personal information such as full name, phone number, or residential/business address is forbidden.

14. Members are allowed no more than one active account.

Remember that these rules may change at any moment for any reason, and the Administration may not announce when it does. Please check them periodically to see changes.

-The Staff of Christian Teen Forums
Edited: 09/22/2013

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