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glenda phel

Diagnosed with Eczema - Need advice!

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The rashes on my face make me look dull and awful. My skin is very dry and itchy. I use body lotion to keep my skin moisturized. But my skin gets dry very soon and I have to use body lotion frequently. Yesterday, I have noticed that I have developed rashes on my elbows and on my hands and feet. They are very itchy too. When I googled, I came to know that these are the symptoms of a long-term skin disease called Eczema. I am worried whether this disease can be cured or not. I discussed this with my mom and she suggested undergoing dermatology procedures from a clinic in Toronto. I'm planning to schedule an appointment with the same clinic. Is there anyone here who had a similar situation? What did you do? Can this disease be cured permanently? Please share your insights!

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