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Bubby Aurora

Little Stories of Love

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I was born into a Christian family, not exactly devout Christians (or not anymore?), but they've been to church and they know God. I also have devout Christian friends living next door, and no matter how distant we are, they’re always happy to see me. I’m still very young and I might not have a huge story with God yet, but God has done quite a few things for me. I can see and hear spirits (though a majority I don’t really trust) and I think I’ve found my purpose and founded a currently small organization known as STOP THE HATE where we try to help enemies make friends with one another. 
One of the things God has done for me is save my beloved 'son of another species', Hamper, a hamster who since then has lived a happy life and sadly passed away. You can tell how much we had bonded, seeing as I consider Hamper my son and always will! It all started when I was letting him free roam. He padded over to the kitchen and- I kid you not- crawled under a cabinet and right out of sight. I panicked, I called my family, we searched for days. I prayed for him to come home safe for 3 days before finally my mother stumbled upon him in our basement. I was relieved and so, so happy. He’s gotten out a couple other times but that was the longest he had been out of the cage and I’m grateful that God protected him when he had presumably been lost within the vents. Who knows what could’ve happened if he had taken a wrong turn! 
Recently another thing God has done, and likely one that is of more importance than saving a hamster from a possibly painful time no matter how much I love and miss said hamster, is show me a small glimpse into Heaven. I am not joking, Heaven is the most beautiful place we will ever see. While everything might not be made out of gold like some people think (remember, I’m talking about Heaven), it’s all lined with gold, and the gold is so shiny and radiant. The skies there are super clear, clearer than a nice, clear day on this Earth, and one can actually see a couple trees. What stood out to me most was that everything was written in what I think is Tongues. The entire time I was there, God seemed to be next to me, saying something. I don’t remember what he said, though. No matter how much I try to describe Heaven I’ll never really get across how beautiful it really is, so I’m not going to try. Just know that you’ll be astonished when you see it too.
But yes, while I may not have a long testimony with a big story to it, I have things about God that I can share happily, and I'm glad for the testimony I have. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a nice day.

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