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The first 500 years of the Church

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If you want to know the Church, you need to know about it's beginnings as well.

This audiobook is a great resource for anyone that wants to learn about the Early Church, whether you are a lifelong Catholic, new to Catholicism or just want to learn about the beginnings of the Catholic church. If you sign up for a free trial on audible using this link, you get 2 free audiobooks. It costs literally nothing and it's a good way to relax and learn without having to strain your eyes... just rest and listen. Dominus Vobiscum. Make sure to use this link to get your 2 free audiobooks and if you don't want to spend anything just cancel before the free trial ends.
I am actually a revert to Catholicism after being a Protestant for 4 years. Reading the Bible and abiding in Christ is what helped me return to the Church - and hearing all the lies and myths I have heard about Catholicism caused me to research them and find out they were lies. Does anyone have any suggestions for audiobooks I should listen to? This one is great.



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