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My mum wants me to develop a skill - budgeting. I'm 14yso and Im allowed a maximun of £20 a week for food. sometimes ive got to make the amount last longer depending on delivery/ click&collect slots. I have to shop at tesco/asda. I cant go in person as we dont live a walkable distance away, not even at a push. so i cant get reduced items. the shops are two hours away at least in a car. It's really hard and I'm getting no advice from my mum besides 'buy cheaper foods.' I have allergies to citrus and latex fruits (an extensive list) which includes things like tomatos and potatos. I'm a vegan as well. I think I need a bigger budget to cover the expense of my diet but my mum wont give me more. She could, as she spends £100+ on herself and her partner each week, they smoke, drink, run an old expensive car that regulalry needs expensive repairs just because they like that particular car. It burns a lot of fuel and is expensive to run given that we live so far away from things. We have 4 OTHER vehicles that they pay a lot of money for that we dont use often, just so they can have them, as they like cars. They, very occasionally, use them to go out in. I'm greatful that I have more than many in worse situations.

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