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  1. existIc


    goose. ducks and geese. don't try to make sense of it.
  2. 1) Christ says not to judge others. 2) go check the rules, there's something about not questioning salvation jussayin.
  3. existIc

    Cool way of watching news

    This is just a cool way of looking at news. newsmap.jp
  4. To put it simply, the "eternal hell" concept doesn't talk about the torment being eternal, but the consequences being eternal. As in, you go to hell, you are burned up eternally, meaning that the effects of the fire are irreversible. In the greek the term used is gehenna, referring to a place. If you take some of those verses, they speak of eternal fire (meaning the fire is eternal) and eternal punishment (meaning the effects of the punishment are eternal.) "The wages of sin is death," not eternal torture. What purpose would it serve to God in His upholding of His character against the attacks of satan, that He would keep people in eternal torture? That would simply prove satan to be correct that God is unjust and unfair. On a side note: the doctrine of eternal torture first showed up around 110 AD. (Ignatius of Antioch in his Letter to the Ephesians 16:1-2)
  5. existIc

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    "Orinocon Flow" Enya
  6. existIc

    How did you stop???? Lust,Porn,MB,Sex,etc...

    QFT. God uses people to wake other people up in their walks with Him. Look at the prophets and Israel. God kept using the prophets to wake Israel up and tell them what they were doing wrong. Nathan was sent to King David to expose the sin with Bathsheba. Samuel was sent to King Saul on multiple occasions. Reread that quote. Also. She wasn't there throughout every battle in my mind. She wasn't there throughout every desire, through every urge, through everything that would bring up the thoughts. She wasn't there and didn't have the power to stop my mind from slipping. God was. God is. God is still.
  7. existIc


    i love you.
  8. existIc

    How did you stop???? Lust,Porn,MB,Sex,etc...

    Frankly, this saddens me more than anything. For several reasons. 1) it is NOT more noble than doing it for God. I don't know where your theology lies, but I believe that it is NOT more noble to do it for a girl. God is supreme, and things should be done for His glory. 2) If she had not issued the ultimatum, i might still be back there. BUT, I believe God used her to break me of the habit. I most likely would've kept hiding it for a long time, until it finally either wiped out my conscience or there was some other wake-up call. I knew it was wrong, but didn't have the will to make myself stop. I tried by myself. I couldn't. I needed the external assistance she provided to point me to God. Because i believe she was God's figurative slap in the face to wake me up 3) it is not even remotely CLOSE to your place to assume that I did this simply for a girl. When I'm saying that the only way that I can stay clean and free is through God, then there is hardly any basis for saying i did it "to get the girl." I find things like that rude. It's not intrusive, but a bit rude. Assuming can do bad things. I don't know where I'd be without God's influence in my life. Probably not where I am now. ^^Thank you!
  9. existIc

    What is the point of denominations?

  10. existIc

    What is the point of denominations?

    It appeared to me that you oversimplified a solution. If I completely misunderstood you, my bad. Nothing is simple in Christianity, agreed. However, by implying that by everyone becoming Catholic would solve much of the problems appears (to me) to be an oversimplification and contradiction. And no need to attack. *goes back to main discussion*
  11. existIc

    Was Sealing?

    I use seals for sending messages of certain, special significance.
  12. existIc

    Difficult Noob

    willkommen! I like your spirit. Enjoy the site
  13. existIc

    What is the point of denominations?

    It's never only about your relationship. The relationship is paramount, meaning more important. If you don't have a relationship, then there's no point in staying in a fellowship environment. I don't see that Christ created the Catholic church as it stands and claims today. I see Christ as creating a universal church. Disagree if you will, such is my view. But on knowing the boundaries. To me it seems quite simple really. Do they follow scripture or not? Are they honestly seeking Christ in the best way their study and relationship shows? I think you misunderstand the relationship. If you begin a relationship with someone, you begin to get to know them better. As you are in a personal relationship with Christ, you will become closer to Him, and thus He will be able to lead you in His ways. In that case, it is impossible to make Christ whatever you want, because your personal relationship will lead you closer to scriptural truths and closer to Christ Himself. Our personal relationships will be different, yes. We can't all have the same relationship. One sibling isn't going to have the same relationship with a parent as another. But as we grow in our relationships with Christ, we are given the same light to follow. We've got the Bible, and Christ depicted therein. If we honestly and truthfully seek Christ, and let Him guide us, then we'll all reach Him in His way, not our own.
  14. existIc

    What do you think of respect/submission to husbands?

    Thought i should repost this, rather than finding all points to respond to A wise pastor once told me, never read without looking at the context. It seems part of it is to bring your husband closer to Christ. Wives submit to a loving and kind husband......... hmmmmmm This is a pretty good example, or so it seems here, of how a marriage should work. A wife should respect and love her husband, and the husband should respect and love the wife. The husband should love the wife as he loves himself. If the husband truly cares about and loves his wife, he will listen to her, and submit to her as well. Ephesians 5:21 says we should "submit to one another out of reverence for Christ" so that means to everyone, not just to your husband or wife. That means love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, submit to your wife, submit to your husband.The verse, 5:22, originally did not say "submit to your husbands." In the original greek, it didn't have a verb, which meant it should read like this "Wives to their own husbands as to the Lord." In greek that type of grammar is called "reflexive," saying "one to another other." Doesn't really make sense, does it? Check it out. The greek reads which is literally These verses set up the radical concept of mutual submission, where both husband and wife submit to one another in love and through respect of Christ, and therefore have a better marriage.
  15. existIc

    What is the point of denominations?

    The True Church exists above and beyond denominations. Christ didn't create denominations, he created His Church. Your actions can and should only be justified by your own personal relationship with Christ. Denominations can assist in building community and a safe haven, but your personal relationship is paramount.