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    well, i live on this big farm with my dog dragon, yes thats his name. i like to talk to people, and i like to read. i got saved when i was 5. anything else just ask :)
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    i live in a box that has one hole. i am currently saving up to put a second hole in.
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    everything!! i love flowers and fairs and books and boys and animals and airplanes God and gifts and hair and hot air balloons!!!
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    college student, or trying to be
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    odessa care, but you can call me odie
  1. Happy Mother's Day, Odessa. I miss you :(

  2. Hello sister, how are you?

  3. Its nice to meet you ^^ LOL hopefuly you wont end up atempting to kill me.

  4. Awwww I'm sorry :( I got married to katblossom

  5. Tuff times? Awww man. Praying for ya. 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 55.

  6. stars_in_the_sky

    c-wolf and cheeseisthenewpurple

    lol hey i am here but not for long but i am very happy for you!!! congrats sis
  7. hello cat!!! you are my CTF daughter :) lol be good to my son :)

  8. aww i missed you too danny, you got married? cangradulations!!! :) to whom? i am not going to be a grandma anytime soon am i? i have just been going through some things but i am hopeing they will get better :)

  9. i am oks at the moment, been going through some tuff times

  10. Heyyyy mom guess what? I got married!

  11. hey, hey, hey! Long time no talk! :3