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    hey peeps God is my go to friend in my life i trust him with everything. I want to be a light in the darkness to others that need God the most.
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    Springfield, Ohio
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    Drawing, Singing, playing piano, reading, basket ball, writing music.
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  1. Happy New Year everyone!!!!! 

  2. any form of homosexuality is a sin and not saying that to judge. #LoveThePoeple but hate the sin
  3. amen
  4. mmmm peanut butter crackers:drool:

  5. listening to NF bru getting pumped upB)

  6. I don't know but I will pray for you
  7. people don't really get on anymore so... 

  8. that is a good question


  9. I don't really know anything about implants but I will be praying for you though what's important to you is important to God.
  10. love your profile picture ^-^ becky coocoo

    1. Boogles




       the only time a fish and my mother have sounded the same. lol

    2. Roselyn Dyke
  11. Hi

    nice to meet you and welcome to CTF
  12. God laid this on my heart to say to everyone. When God places a calling on your life don't run from it.

  13. The Bible says only God knows the day and the hour of the coming of Christ. there are signs of his coming but no one knows the time when Jesus is coming back and it can not be predicted.
  14. Well considering that your old church (from what you have written on this topic) isn't giving you anything and will eventually make you spiritually die, Yes it is time to find a new church. I dealt with the same thing a couple months ago 4 to be exact. My old church was spiritually dyeing and so was my family. Then a friend of my mom and me who went to the church we went to at that time and had left a month before us found a different church. Her family was growing spiritually. So we went to her church a couple times and God had called us there. Since then I got the Holy Ghost and so did my brother and my mom. In conclusion I think that leaving might be a pretty good decision if you feel that God is calling you to leave. I will definitely be praying for you God bless you and have a nice day. Roselyn