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    From the point of view of someone who has gone through some pretty extensive rough times in my life, I can say that at times being able to let it out and just speaking to someone, who is a trusted individual, can really help. I'm not saying I would pushing counseling on everyone - because I didn't get counseling myself - but I really believe that being able to speak out what is going on in your life- is really important and vital to your health - spiritually and emotionally. Don't come to rely on counseling more than you rely on the wisdom of Holy Spirit, who should be a vital part of every believer's journey, but never rule it out and you may come to see that it benefits you in the long run. Best wishes. Some of the greatest words that helped me through my darkest days are "It's gonna be okay." And it was and for you it will also be the same. Hold on tight. You can make it. xo L
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    Won't Be Around

    thank heavens this is not another evan melodrama. cheers jake!
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    Happy Birthday swampfox

    Lol happy bday ben
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    Picture Post

    i honestly don't get why your username is ocean when you post pics like that... it's strange. - my thoughts
  5. Out west? Where?!

  6. SunshineSurferx

    Happy birthday Max Power...again!

    Happy Bday Ryan!
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    What are you doing?

    listening to michael jackson lol ...
  8. great :) just been VERY busy working.... I'm moving out west sometime this year xD can you believe it!

  9. what part of florida?
  10. yeahhhhh. I'm doing pretty well I think aha. What've you been up to?

  11. hey! its been forever . . . how are you?