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  1. Foofer

    Boardies 2015 Results!

    So a baby seal walks into a club... Haha thanks guys. I love it.
  2. I feel like The Force Awakens exceeded my expectations, and I had a fair amount of hope. A New Hope, if you will. There were a few moments when I was taken out of the film with lazy writing, but overall this film was really well done. The cinematography was better than anything George Lucas has ever made. I love this film so much, I've been waiting for over a decade to see this.
  3. Foofer


    I also require an answer to this question. I don't actually know a buttload of people here, but I wanna vote.
  4. What do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever.

    1. JKAY


      *slaps knee*

    2. paraskeve


      Don't say that to Annabeth though! XD

  5. Foofer


    Katy usually gets it.
  6. Foofer


    I didn't either until I looked up a couple of tutorial videos on youtube. It's like putting a kid's puzzle together. Just make sure everything is in the case properly, and then make sure it's connected to both the motherboard and the power supply unit. The only thin I had trouble with is making sure the power button in the case was plugged into the motherboard. Two teensy little pins I had missed until someone pulled up a map of my motherboard.
  7. Foofer


    I don't think I could tell you unless I was there. I'm kinda surprised you didn't just make a PC yourself.
  8. Foofer

    Is Pirating music wrong?

    Exactly right. If you already own a legal copy of something (in any format) you can legally download a back-up. I've 'pirated' albums I owned on vinyl.
  9. Foofer


    A quick google says the K242HL is the monitor. If you can't find it, it's fine.
  10. Foofer

    Is Pirating music wrong?

    This is incredibly closed-minded. Just throwing that out there. Legally speaking, there is no uncertain terms about pirating music. It is most certainly wrong, because you're breaking a law. Morally? That's a little different. I've downloaded countless albums through the site I write for, and they've all been promotional downloads, shared through the community within the site's staff. Only one person reviews it, but 10+ people are getting a free copy. I'm fairly sure any band I've reviewed wouldn't care in the least about me downloading their music for free (legally or otherwise) because I'm giving them free publicity. When I actually have the money to do so, I buy music. A lot of music. When I don't, I pirate it. I will pirate just about anything I fancy, whether it's new, old, rare, or popular. The word-of-mouth aspect is still there, but the artist isn't getting his 17 cents or whatever from their crappy label. Big deal. The real crime is how undervalued musicians and artists are by ignoring them, and giving pretty "singers" crap deals for crap albums written by crap writers so labels can shove their crap singles down your throat through crap radio stations who scrape by with crap commercials. CRAP. I'm sorry, I just feel very strongly about music and how it shouldn't be a business.
  11. Foofer


    Pretty decent PC, I'm digging it. What sort of Video card did you get?
  12. Foofer

    Playing old games on a new computer

    It might be found in the in-game settings, or in some menu, but every game is different like that. I know Rocket League would operate in a window to up my FPS
  13. Foofer

    Playing old games on a new computer

    If it's so small, maybe try opening in a window instead of fullscreen?
  14. Why did the console peasant cross the road? To render the other side!

  15. Foofer


    Yoda, what're the PC specs?