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    I'm Todd, I love music, I love Doctor Who, I love Star Wars, and I love Jesus. I'm pretty weird. Join me?
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  1. What happened? I come back and this place dies. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jesusismyticket



    3. Allons-y99


      It's been dead for awhile. :/

    4. deseree


      People have flocked somewhere else

  2. The "America" most conservatives I run into want died about 40 years ago. It's not coming back, bros.


    No. Repent. America needs to repent and turn to Jesus.

    1. Buoyancy


      And I don't want it to come back. The '70's were weird. 


    2. Nicene Nerd

      Nicene Nerd

      And if we don't repent, the next step in our destiny is almost certainly military devastation, something either plausible President could easily bring us.

      Randomly, I also just noticed that you are exactly one day older than me.

    3. Diakonos


      I completely agree.

      Oh wow. How bizarre! :)

  3. Diakonos

    Salvation for OT Saints

    In a cliche phrase: Grace Through Faith. Just as it always has been. Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness. But that's just me. I'm sure there are other logical explanations.
  4. Diakonos

    Any tea-drinkers?

    The fiance and I love tea. We're actually wanting to start making our own :3
  5. Diakonos

    Trump and Clinton Debate

    Is there a reason why you are choosing her? Do you like what she stands for?
  6. Woah. I come back and things are different. XD Bruh.

  7. So I just watched Grave of the Fireflies....brb sobbing

  8. Diakonos

    Picture Post

    Me and the soon to be Mrs.
  9. Is the evidence of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues?

    1. Nicene Nerd

      Nicene Nerd

      If you replace "the" with "one possible," and specify "tongues" to mean "languages not naturally learned" then I might say yes.

    2. PlasmaHam


      Caleb has it right, I really have no idea where the Pentecostals got their interpretation of it.

    3. Buoyancy


      The Holy Spirit gives different gifts to different people. There's FAR MORE gifts out there than praying hard and rambling on in Swahili for hours.

  10. So, I've been gone for a long time, and the reason is this: I am marrying the love of my life in the spring of next year. It took a lot of prayer and long nights thinking it over, but I want to spend the rest of my life with her. God has blessed me with her, and I couldn't be happier. So, I will still be scarce on here, but just wanted to share this real-life decision with all of you!
  11. Diakonos

    Early 2016 Election Poll

    My IQ has dropped from reading the past 4-5 pages. Logic? What's that? I'm not going to argue his salvation one way or the other, but when I think of Christ-like, Donald Trump is not near the top of my list. He's an old, grumpy man who needs Jesus. If you think you don't need forgiveness for your sin, I don't know what to tell you. Your testimony is whack. Also, #don'tfeedthetrolls
  12. The emotional rollercoaster was at max velocity today. I need to be more knowledgable about my girlfriend's mental illness.

  13. Diakonos

    Is Pirating music wrong?

    My question is WHY do you not see it as theft? It doesn't make sense. If you take something that requires financial comp without providing said comp, it's theft...
  14. Diakonos

    Is Pirating music wrong?

    To the first part, I honestly have no clue. I go through BandCamp and NoiseTrade. I set my price, and if people want to pay MORE, they can, but I always have a base price ($.50 for singles, $3 for EP's, $7 for albums). As far as older bands are concerned, I still think it's theft. They may be gone, save Ringo and Paul, but it's still disrespectful
  15. Diakonos

    Is Pirating music wrong?

    Not to mention the spiritual implications this has (on Christians). If you're okay with pirating music/games/film/software/etc, it can also be seen as unrepentant sin as well. Not trying to shame anyone, but can someone on the pro-piracy side honestly give me a legitimate answer as to why theft is okay with you?