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  1. I'm starting to get annoyed. You've spent so long bringing yourself to oneness with our common future, but you still haven't told me where I will find the dark, mysterious woman of my dreams. Please--my future happiness is at stake.
  2. It's mostly the term "federalized Europe." It's so cute, so endearing that it eclipses the awesome weight of the rest of your intensely relevant research.
  3. It's all very compelling. But, mein kleiner schatz, how will this affect my European vacation plans?
  4. You're adorable :D

    1. Chris-M


      The trouble is that while I can ask you to *ban* me, I can't actually have you delete all my old posts, so I have to stay on in case I ever muster up the time and energy to go through and remove my history from the site.

  5. My professors advocate wikipedia. School teachers will tell you to avoid it. However, this is not because wikipedia is unreliable--this is because school teachers want you to learn how to conduct independent research.
  6. How would you define a "monster?" To answer this question, try listing three things you think describe monsters, and we can go from there
  7. Well, they don't call use post-millennials, so...
  8. The Christian right had the choice of backing someone who talked about sexually assaulting women or backing someone who supports abortion rights that are radical even for the present age. They had no good choices. However, a movement more concerned about its conscience than political power would have abstained and protested. Instead, the RR threw all of their energy into pretending that Trump was an acceptable candidate in order to cling to what they perceive as waning political power. While I understand why they would do this, it...doesn't reflect well on them, to me.
  9. Should a hospital be allowed to refuse treatment to a kid in the emergency room because the administrator's wife cheated with the kid's father? No, any business should not be allowed to discriminate for just any reason. Some discrimination by some kinds of business are OK, others less so. I think discrimination becomes a legally actionable problem when prejudice is sufficiently widespread that discrimination systematically does grievous harm to a class of people. So, for example, I don't think homophobia is so catastrophic that it warrants abridging the religious liberties of bakers. Gay couples don't really have any trouble getting cakes for their weddings, nor does this discrimination seem (from my limited perspective) to encourage any kind of really deep oppression. On the other hand, however, I would argue that racial discrimination has historically been deeply oppressive, that the oppression there did substantial harm to many millions of lives, and so it became a legally actionable problem.